Salesforce Launches AppExchange Chat for Customers

We’re excited to announce that Qualified collaborated with Salesforce to build AppExchange Chat - a new feature that enables customers to connect directly with partners through their AppExchange listings. Read on to learn more.

This news is a syndication of the original post on the Salesforce newsroom: “Salesforce Launches AppExchange Chat and Trusted Reviews to Help Customers Choose the Right Solutions for their Business Needs”

Salesforce Launches AppExchange Chat and Trusted Reviews to Help Customers Choose the Right Solutions for Their Business Needs

AppExchange is home to over 6,000 apps and consultant listings that extend Salesforce to help customers innovate faster and drive quicker time to value.

With over 9 million customer installs and 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies using AppExchange solutions, AppExchange has long been an innovation hub for customers looking to transform their businesses — and for partners developing solutions and providing expertise across the Salesforce Customer 360.

And now, with the addition of AppExchange Chat and Trusted Reviews, it is even easier for customers to connect with partners directly and to make smarter business decisions — without ever leaving a partner’s AppExchange listing.

“Customer expectations have changed drastically during the pandemic — and AppExchange is innovating to meet these expectations by enabling customers to connect directly, in real time, with partners,” said Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange. “In addition, with Trusted Reviews, customers can be more confident in their AppExchange install decisions.”

Chat directly with partners through AppExchange Chat

Salesforce Launches AppExchange Chat, Powered by Qualified

The new AppExchange Chat feature, built in collaboration with Qualified, enables partners to add Chat functionality to their AppExchange listings, making it possible for customers to:

Customers can easily find partner-built solutions enabled with Chat functionality through the AppExchange Chat collection page. The collection page currently includes over 25 apps and consultant listings from Chat pilot partners, including Vonage, Natterbox, 360 SMS, OwnBackup, Copado, and Conga.These listings are ready-to-install solutions that span five categories, including: collaboration; productivity; customer communication; data management and analytics; and finance and accounting.

AppExchange Chat is available to both ISV and consulting partners who want to embed the functionality within their listings.

Select AppExchange solutions with confidence through Trusted Reviews

Choosing the right solution for specific business needs can be tricky — especially with thousands of apps and consultant listings available. AppExchange Trusted Reviews can help customers pick solutions with confidence through displaying a reviewer’s ecosystem status — indicating their Salesforce expertise, such as:

Make empowered business decisions with AppExchange

AppExchange has always connected customers and partners on one platform, enabling digital transformation for companies across industries. The addition of AppExchange Chat represents a reimagined customer experience for AppExchange, bringing customers and partners closer together.

Head on over to Qualified’s AppExchange listing to see AppExchange Chat in action!

Posted on
July 14, 2021
Maura Rivera

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