The Power of Video to Generate Demand

This episode features an interview with Tyler Lessard, CMO, Vidyard.

On this episode, Tyler breaks down how to effectively use video to generate demand, why video chops need to be in every marketer’s toolkit, and how to be cost-effective and make videos at greater scale.  

 Key Takeaways

“Sales doesn't actually want to spend their time just talking to every free user. They'll learn very quickly that 90% of them are completely unqualified. So you have to go into it with that strategy of knowing, ‘okay, as we turn on a freemium product strategy, it's not just about getting free users. It's about that being a mechanism to identify and pre-qualify those who are most likely to convert into a business customer.”
“...up until the last few years it was costly and complex to do a lot of video. That’s where it was really a barrier and people will go, ‘oh, we just do it over there because if we do it everywhere else, I don’t even know how I would afford that or manage it.’ But the reality is today, there are very approachable ways, very cost-effective ways to do video at a greater scale. And so that’s what we’re starting to see is this scaling the use of video across these different programs, having more teams, demand teams, social teams, content teams, thinking about where does video content fit into what we’re delivering. How can it help us better tell this story or answer this question?”

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Posted on
January 19, 2022
Emma Calderon

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