Leading a $3.2B Twilio Acquisition – Demand Gen Visionaries Ep. 54

In this week’s episode of the Demand Gen Visionaries podcast, we’re joined by Katrina Wong, VP of Product Marketing at Segment.

Emma Calderon
Emma Calderon
August 25, 2021
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This episode features an interview with Katrina Wong, VP of Product Marketing at Segment.

On this episode, Katrina dives into the details of the Twilio acquisition, why she believes cold-calling is going away, personalization tactics that actually work, and the strategy behind the account-based marketing beast she’s helped create at Segment. 

Tune in to hear Katrina discuss:

  • Cold calling shouldn’t be your main outbound prospecting strategy.
  • Start relying on first-party data vs. third party data sooner rather than later.
  • It’s a good thing to have healthy tension at your company and between your different departments.
“A big part of our demand gen strategy is integrated marketing. It may sound obvious, but it's really the tight coordination and the sequencing of your marketing efforts. You always want to center that around a central theme. That way we're ensuring that our main message is threaded through all of our marketing efforts and our marketing campaigns don't come off super disjointed. The beauty of this is when you get that right, I call it the two plus two equals ten effect: each marketing effort layers and amplifies survey results. It really does work, and you're able to get better results with less effort overall.” 
“The important thing is it's not just the product demo and the technology, it's identifying with other marketers what they're looking to solve and what their challenge of the moment is. That type of conversation and peer to peer learning and knowledge sharing extends beyond show-and-tell.”
“I think most outbound prospecting these days is being warmed up in some way, shape or form by marketing and all the content we put out there. And each marketing engagement becomes a signal. It's a clue and it gives us insight on the intent of the prospect. And so I don't know if true cold calling exists in the same way as it did years ago.”
“The ongoing conversation in the market is around how to rely more on first party data versus third party data And so there is this movement where as marketers we want to do what's right for our customers and consumer privacy. That's something we respect.” 

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