The SMB Market: $1.3B in ARR with a New Demand Gen Playbook  Ep. 39

In this week’s episode of the Demand Gen Visionaries podcast, we’re joined by Jamie Domenici, CMO at LogMeIn

The SMB Market: $1.3B in ARR with a New Demand Gen Playbook  Ep. 39
Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
April 21, 2021
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This episode features an interview with Jamie Domenici, CMO at LogMeIn.

Jamie serves as LogMeIn’s CMO. She is responsible for overseeing the full marketing organization consisting of Customer, Product, and Acquisition marketing teams as well as Marketing Operations, Corporate Communications, Brand & Creative, and Web & Ecommerce teams. In her role she is responsible for deploying LogMeIn’s brand messaging and architecture, driving demand for the suite of products via paid and organic channels, and enhancing web properties to tell the LogMeIn story. Prior to LogMeIn, Jamie held various marketing leadership positions at Salesforce for over ten years. 

On this episode, Jamie shares her secrets on how to dominate the SMB market, why PLG is the key to the future of SaaS, the complexities of marketing a large portfolio of digital products, and where B2B marketing is headed in the future.

Tune in to the episode to hear Jamie reveal her secret marketing strategies, including:

  • Write down these words: Simplicity through efficiency to drive growth
  • Product-led growth (PLG) is key to the future of where SaaS is going
  • Simplicity matters. What would the T-Shirt say?

Episode Quotes

“You’ve got to go where the customer is, especially in this current digital environment. And if they're in your product, it's so much easier to upsell and cross-sell there versus email or webinar or an area where you have to pull in. Having post-sale experience helped me to understand PLG because I think you have to look at that full funnel, and you’ve got to go where the customers are to really drive efficiencies within your marketing org.”
“Back in the nineties, marketing was all about leads and MQLs, and many companies are still there, but the modern marketer is responsible for a heck of a lot more. The world is digital, and I think B2C has driven a lot of B2B behaviors and the consumer is so key. So for me, the digital experience is the most efficient way to spend and it's critical to building your brand and driving traffic.”
“One of my most important measures now is actually website traffic as a key driver, because if I can fill this funnel, then all of the things I'm putting in place between e-com, PLG, sales optimization–that funnel is going to work, I just need to bring people in. I find driving awareness and building your organic website traffic is key to that long-term growth for a high-transactional company.”
“Simplicity matters. Whenever I start at a new company or a new role or a new team or a new campaign, I always do this exercise which is ‘what would the t-shirt say?’ I give everybody a t-shirt and try and synthesize the message of the campaign down to what would be on a t-shirt…and I use that as the basis to drive this thematic approach to the campaign that you'll steel thread through every tactic. It helps your team to not over-complicate…if you just really narrow it down to what you want to say to your buyer in the simplest form, I think it really helps you build a cohesive strategy around it.”

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