Part 7: Top CMOs Share Uncuttable Demand Gen Items Ep. 88

This is part seven in our mini-series. Tune in to hear from marketing leaders as they reveal the budget items they can’t live without.

Part 7: Top CMOs Share Uncuttable Demand Gen Items Ep. 88
Emma Calderon
Emma Calderon
June 1, 2022
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On Demand Gen Visionaries, we sit down with marketing leaders from some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies to uncover the demand gen strategies that have been fundamental to their skyrocketing success.

In each episode, we ask our guests which three areas of investment are most important to their demand gen initiatives. Tune in to this special mini-series to hear the budget items our CMO guests can’t live without.

While every CMO had their own unique "uncuttable" budget items, there were three that were consistently mentioned as top priorities:

  • Thought leadership content, of all different mediums, gets people hooked and builds awareness
  • Demand gen marketers are not content creators, but they are content curators
  • Offer a value exchange with your customers, and be relevant in what you’re providing them

Episode Quotes

“It’s really about thinking through the lens of your business strategy. Which are the channels that you should be investing in? At what levels? We should be constantly evolving.“ - Suzanne Kounkel, CMO, Deloitte
“What we need to be thinking more about in marketing is what do people actually care about? That’s the content we should create. That’s the content you should package.” - Randy Frisch, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist for Content Experience, Uberflip
“Ultimately B2B is about connecting with humans, and so it works. It works on the prospecting side, it works on the customer side. We want people associated with us to feel special and gifting does that." -Daniel Incandela, CMO, Reachdesk
“Everybody wants to interact with one click, chat, voice, video. As companies, we need to shift how we meet with buyers and shift how we generate pipeline." -Maura McCormick Rivera, CMO at Qualified
“I see demand as aligning with sales teams. What are the goals? What do we have to hit? How does that break down? What are we going to be sourcing? Managing the SDR team, a large part of their pipeline and funnel is going to be coming from the demand, go-to-market organization of marketing, and sales development. Really that’s a key part of success, sales alignment.” - Meagen Eisenberg, CMO of TripActions
“You break through the noise by offering a value exchange with your customers. You need to be relevant in what you’re providing them. And I think sometimes where we go wrong with content is we sell our product, we don’t educate our buyers, and oftentimes we’re looking to be educated on best practices.” - Jamie Gier, CMO of Ceros
“Community is an organic process. You can try to do things to encourage people to engage, but I think it's understanding. You really have to understand what is it that people are looking to learn, and one of the things that we've realized is that, there's a lot around career definition.” - Daniel Rodriguez, CMO of Simplr
 “You can do all of the email marketing, you can do all the events, you can do all of the things, all of the various marketing tactics that everybody knows how to do, but if you’re not emotionally connecting with your prospects and customers in a way that’s meaningful to them, you’re not getting anywhere, and you’re not doing anything different than anybody else.”  - Anna Kostroun, CMO of NewRocket
“I think platform data is something that everyone needs to leverage. And if you’re a marketer thinking like, “Hey I’m considering joining this new company,” the questions you need to ask yourself, and there are lots of them, is do they have platform data that helps me tell a story, and can I access it?” - Micha Hershman, VP of marketing, Envoy

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