Introducing Qualified for ZoomInfo

Leverage the power of ZoomInfo's B2B Intelligence platform to deliver a hyper-personalized sales experience.

Introducing Qualified for ZoomInfo
Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
February 11, 2021
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At Qualified, we believe that conversational marketing isn't about talking to every single website visitor because that approach isn’t scalable or efficient. Rather, it's about having personalized and meaningful conversations with the visitors who are most valuable to your business. The first step to achieving this is having a clear picture of your website visitors. 

So, how do you do this? Well, you can ask for information from your visitors directly; but an onslaught of questions requesting personal information doesn’t exactly make for the best experience and often results in low response rates or site abandonment. 

Alternatively, you can use a data enrichment solution to automatically populate this information for you. That’s where ZoomInfo comes in. ZoomInfo is a global leader in B2B intelligence providing an enormous database of business-related information—like employee names, phone numbers, and job titles. 

ZoomInfo supercharges your Conversational Marketing program

The Qualified for ZoomInfo integration brings all of the power of ZoomInfo into Qualified Visitor 360. With more visibility into your website visitors, you can create magic moments that are tailored to each unique visitor—like relevant Qualified Experiences and personalized sales conversations.

Introducing Qualified for ZoomInfo
ZoomInfo data-points, like Contact and Company, instantly surface inside Qualified Visitor 360

Key use cases with Qualified for ZoomInfo

Paired with Salesforce, the Qualified for ZoomInfo integration powers a number of strategies that focus your sales team on the VIP visitors who matter most to their book of business. This results in increased efficiency and accelerated sales cycles.

The ABM Red Carpet

When a visitor lands on your website, ZoomInfo will identify their company and then Qualified will instantly match it against your list of target accounts in Salesforce. From there, you can alert your sales team and prompt quick action.

Open Opportunity Fast Lane

Once ZoomInfo identifies a visitor’s company, Qualified can traverse Salesforce to confirm whether they have an open Opportunity with your sales team. Then, greet them by name and fast track them to the Opportunity owner. This strategy can also be used to revive a dead or lost sales deal. 

The Existing Customer Upsell

Selling to your existing customer base is a tried and true approach to increased revenue. With Qualified for ZoomInfo, you can automatically identify your existing customers on your website and connect them with your team to expand your footprint in the account.

Sounds great! But, how does it work?

Setting up Qualified for ZoomInfo simple. Once you’re logged in to the Qualified console, simply connect to your ZoomInfo account with valid login credentials. The ZoomInfo Enterprise and ZoomInfo WebSights APIs will then funnel valuable details into Qualified where users can configure their preferred field layout. Check out our university guide for more details. 

Want to learn more?

If you have additional questions about Qualified for ZoomInfo, we’d love to talk with you. Feel free to chat with us directly on the website at any time.

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