Say Hello to Qualified Autumn ‘19

New features give Qualified customers a deeper integration with Salesforce and more control over Conversational Marketing experiences.

Thani Suchoknand
Thani Suchoknand
October 23, 2019
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Our latest release is here: Qualified Autumn ‘19. It’s jam-packed with enterprise-grade features to help you take your Conversational Marketing strategy to the next level and integrate your program even more tightly with Salesforce. We’ve rounded up the Autumn ‘19 highlights … check them out!

NEW! Qualified for Salesforce Pardot Autumn '19

Qualified for Salesforce Pardot gives your sales reps a clear picture of website visitors’ marketing automation data, like prospect score, grade, and campaign engagement, and a direct path to meet with VIPs and propel them through the sales cycle.

Qualified for Salesforce Pardot Autumn '19
Qualified for Pardot Autumn ‘19 brings your Conversational Marketing program to the next level

Now with Qualified for Salesforce Pardot Autumn '19, your Marketing Automation and Conversational Marketing platforms are closer than ever before. New features include the ability to adjust engagement score and Einstein behavior score based on experience interactions, connected campaign attribution, real-time activity history tracking, global edition support, custom field support, universal form support, and more. Want to dive deeper into Qualified’s Pardot integration? Head on over to Qualified University.

NEW! Qualified for Salesforce Autumn '19

In addition to pulling in Pardot prospect data, Qualified pulls in CRM data to give your reps a truly 360-degree website visitor view.

Qualified for Salesforce Autumn '19
With Qualified for Salesforce Autumn ‘19, reps have a truly 360-degree view of website visitors

With the Qualified Autumn ‘19 release, you can now surface Salesforce Sales Cloud Lead and Contact data and use this information, like contact name, title, or company name, to tailor experiences and deliver hyper-personalized sales conversations. Read more about our Salesforce Integration at Qualified University.

NEW! Customizable Experience Builder

As a marketer, you need complete control over every aspect of your website, including Conversational Marketing experiences. So we rolled out a brand new, easy-to-use Experience Builder that helps you create completely custom experiences.

Qualified's all-new conversational marketing experience builder
Qualified’s Experience Builder makes it easy to create custom Conversational Marketing experiences

With Qualified’s new Experience Builder, you can craft unique experiences with different prompts, bots, branching, rules, and Salesforce mappings in just a few clicks. Experiences can be as simple or complex as your business needs it to be ...  you’re in control!

NEW! Advanced Routing

For sales reps, efficiency is the name of the game, and reps need to spend their time talking to the accounts that matter to them. Our new Advanced Routing functionality allows companies to strategically route the right prospects to the right reps, which makes your program more efficient and sets your sales team up for success. 

Qualified's Advanced Routing helps the right reps talk to the right website visitors
Advanced Routing helps teams immediately route visitors to Salesforce owners and User Groups

With Advanced Routing you can immediately route website visitors to their Salesforce account owner for a real-time conversation, taking your Account-Based Marketing strategy to the next level. Additionally, you can route website visitors to a group of users if the website visitor meets certain criteria. For instance, route a visitor with a company of more than 5,000 employees to your group of enterprise sales reps, or route a visitor located in San Francisco to your group of western sales reps. Learn more about Advanced Routing at Qualified University. 

NEW! Data Partnership with Clearbit

What if you knew everything about your website visitors the second they landed on your site? Now you can with Qualified’s Clearbit integration. 

How does it work? It’s easy and it’s powerful. Automatically plug website visitors’ firmographic data from Clearbit, like employee count, revenue band, or industry, right into Qualified. Then use that information to qualify prospects, route visitors, and deliver dynamic Conversational Marketing experiences. Learn more about our Qualified + Clearbit partnership.

NEW! Enterprise-Grade Security

At Qualified, trust is our number 1 value. Our team invests heavily in security best practices to make sure your data stays safe. We’re excited to share that Qualified has achieved AICPA SOC 2 compliance, the gold standard for compliance for SaaS companies. Qualified is fully GDPR compliant as well.

Qualified is SOC2 and GDPR Compliant

Wrap Up

Qualified Autumn ‘19 is available now for all Professional and Enterprise customers. We can’t wait for you put the features from the Autumn ‘19 Release to use. Have a question about the release? Contact your Customer Success Manager or talk with us live, right here on our website.

Qualified Pardot Sercante Dreamforce '19 B2B Marketing Party


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