Say Hello to Spring ‘20

Qualified's Spring '20 release is here! From powerful analytics to a new Slack integration, you won't want to miss this exciting release.

Say Hello to Spring ‘20
Thani Suchoknand
Thani Suchoknand
February 10, 2020
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Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work on some exciting new enterprise-grade features focused on helping companies that run on Salesforce deliver smart, impactful Live Chat and Chatbot programs. This release was bursting with exciting new experience builder functionality, reporting capabilities, ABM-centric features, fresh integrations, and of course, Salesforce and Pardot goodness. Here are the Spring ‘20 highlights.

New! Fresh Experience Builder functionality

Our experience builder has some exciting new functionality, making it easier than ever to build custom experiences that fit your business needs.

Qualified Live Chat and Chatbot Experience Builder
Build totally custom live chat and chatbot experiences using brand new builder functionality
  • Custom mobile experiences: Qualified instantly detects your website visitors’ device, and serves up experiences that complement your mobile website interface. Configure shorter greetings or just show a button to streamline your mobile experience and boost engagement.
  • Alert actions: Want your team to know the moment a hot prospect arrives on your site? Add Alert Actions to your experiences to notify reps, or a group of reps, with an in-app, sound, or Slack notification (more on this below!)
  • Voice alerts: Configure custom voice alerts to catch the attention of your reps when VIPs are on the site. Voice alerts will call out the reps’ name and important visitor information, and reps will drop everything to engage with these important prospects.
  • Website behavior triggers: New triggers help you further customize when an experience is shown to a website visitor. Trigger experiences based on time spent on page, number of visits to your site, or how far down the page someone has scrolled.

New! Website visitor lists

Qualified’s new Visitor Lists give you a 360-degree view of your website visitors and arms you with data to zero in on, and follow up with, serious buyers. 

Qualified Visitor Lists give you real-time, actionable website analytics
Visitor Lists give you a clear picture of website traffic and help you prioritize outreach efforts

Think of Visitor Lists as a complete website database, which you can search, filter, and prioritize to your liking. For instance, you can display website visitors who exist in your Salesforce CRM, visitors who have booked a sales meeting, or visitors who have spent a significant amount of time on your site. 

Visitor Lists take reporting to the next level, giving your marketing team a grasp on once-anonymous website traffic and your sales team a hit-list for outbound initiatives. Show this new feature to your sales team — we promise they won’t be disappointed! Head over to Qualified University to learn more about it or contact your Customer Success Manager to activate this feature in your account. 

New! Qualified ABM

If you’re doing Account-Based Marketing, Qualified ABM is an absolute game changer, helping your sales team engage and convert target accounts the moment they land on your website. 

Qualified ABM helps you immediately engage with VIPs, right when they arrive on your site

Here’s how it works:

  • Reveal company profile: Qualified will immediately surface a website visitors’ company information, like industry and employee size, and know if a visitor matches your ideal customer profile. 
  • Match Salesforce target accounts: Qualified will tell you when one of your target accounts is on the site and route conversations to their account owner, if they are marked as a target account in Salesforce.
  • Surface buying intent: If you’re running your ABM program on 6sense, Qualified will immediately pull in signals of buying intent, like segment, buying stage, intent score, and profile fit. Read more about our new 6sense integration on Qualified University.

New! Salesforce connected campaigns reporting

Connected Campaigns are huge for Pardot customers, helping you quickly and easily connect your Pardot campaigns with your Salesforce campaigns. Qualified now works perfectly with Connected Campaigns, allowing marketers to add prospects that engage with Qualified experiences to multiple campaigns, fueling first touch, last touch, and even distribution reporting. Now sales and marketing get a unified view of all marketing events that have influenced an opportunity, including live chat and chatbot website conversations. 

With Qualified, report on Live Chat and Chatbot impact inside of Salesforce Connected Campaigns
Report on the impact of Live Chat and Chatbot conversations in Salesforce Connected Campaigns

We sat down with Pardot expert Jennifer Schneider to chat about Connected Campaigns — check it out

New! Salesforce owner routing

Now you have complete control over who conversations are routed to, as well as who meetings are booked with, based on your Salesforce data.

Salesforce Owner Routing gives you control over who conversations are routed tou
Have full confidence that your visitors are routed to the right reps with Salesforce owner routing

Create rules to route conversations to the Lead or Contact owner in Salesforce; if the owner is unavailable, you have the option to reroute visitors to a specific rep or group of reps for a live conversation. 

This new functionality applies to meeting booking as well. Set rules to always book a meeting with a Salesforce owner, or book a meeting with a group of reps if there is no Salesforce owner.

New! Slack integration

New in Spring ‘20, you can send alerts to sales reps on their favorite channel: Slack. With Qualified’s Slack integration, you can easily create and customize Slack alerts that work for your business. For instance, you can send an alert to a channel when a qualified visitor is on the site, or even send a direct message to a sales rep if one of their target accounts just arrived. Reps get a quick summary of who that person is, and can immediately jump into Qualified to start a conversation. With Qualified’s Slack integration, you’ll never miss a chance to engage and convert a hot prospect.

Read all about our Slack Integration, including how to connect your account, on Qualified University.

Send real-time alerts with Qualified's Slack Integration
Alert your sales reps the moment hot prospects arrive on your site with Qualified's Slack Integration

Wrap up

We’re excited to see what you do with the new Spring ‘20 features! Have a question about the release? Contact your Customer Success Manager  or talk with us live, right here on our website.

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