The Power of Intent – Demand Gen Visionaries Ep. 67

In this week’s episode of the Demand Gen Visionaries podcast, we’re joined by Raj Khera, Head of Growth at SalesIntel.

Emma Calderon
Emma Calderon
August 18, 2021
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This episode features an interview with Raj Khera, Head of Growth at SalesIntel.

On this episode, Raj delves into why paying attention to SEO is his number one piece of advice for a first-time head of growth. He also discusses the do’s and don’ts of strategic personalized gift giving and shares some of his favorite one-liners that have been influential in his career. 

Tune in to hear Raj discuss:
  • Use the facts tell and stories sell framework when creating content. 
  • When in doubt, zoom out. Many arguments can be avoided with this principle. 
  • Don’t hold back your knowledge within your team or for certain aspects, your industry.
“When in doubt, zoom out. So what I try to do is keep a cool head and look at what's actually going on here. Is there somebody trying to do something that's illegal? Unethical, just a little bit on the fringe? Or are they just genuinely not sure? Maybe they are inexperienced. I think maybe we've all encountered people who try to thump their chest and show how good they are, but that's a way of being a little insecure. So I kind of try to zoom out and see where they are.”
“Don't hold back your knowledge. One of my recent posts was about sharing your expertise. Nobody's going to believe you're an expert if all you do is talk about what you know. You actually have to show people what you know. So write articles, write a book, do a webinar on your specific area of expertise and let it all out. Just share that knowledge.”
“Facts tell, stories sell. And so everything we do in our case studies where we're rewriting them, getting them focused on storytelling, as opposed to just facts. Do you ever see a case study? Aren't they boring? Yeah, they tell you information that you want to know, but every one of them has got this standard format. It'd be just so nice to read a quick short story every now and then. You can still make it in sections and stuff, but just get them engaged. Give them goosebumps.”

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