The Qualified Autumn ‘20 Release is here!

Here’s a roundup of the latest and greatest features, hot off the press from the Qualified product team.

Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
November 5, 2020
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At Qualified, we’re proud to be the only Conversational Marketing platform purpose-built for Salesforce customers around the world. We recognize Salesforce is the foundation for your business, which is why we continue to invest in building the most expansive Conversational Marketing platform for Salesforce.

Our Autumn ‘20 release only further deepens our roots in the Salesforce environment, unlocking rich new enterprise-grade features that enable our global customers to see extreme value from their Conversational Marketing program, including:

  • New! Deeper Connectivity into the Salesforce Core with Accounts & Opportunities
  • New! Analytics Dashboards, Pipeline/Revenue Dashboards, and A/B Testing
  • New! Internationalization, Localization, and Global Deployments,
  • New! Enterprise-Grade Security, Single Sign-on, and SOC 2 Type II Compliance

So grab your hot pumpkin spice latte and explore Qualified’s latest and greatest offerings...

1. New connectivity into the Salesforce Core

New features deliver the broadest and deepest Salesforce offering yet

Salesforce should be the core of your Conversational Marketing platform in order to deliver seamless, world-class experiences for your prospects and customers. To enable this, we’ve built new features that offer an unprecedented level of sophistication for you to completely customize your approach.

The Autumn ‘20 release includes expanded Salesforce matching functionality, advanced routing, enhanced anonymous account identification, and more.

Salesforce matching on accounts & opportunities

To date, your sales team was alerted when a known Salesforce Contact or Lead was on your website. Now, you can instantly match that visitor to a Salesforce Account making it even easier for the account owner to jump into a timely conversation.  

Additionally, you can also match a website visitor to a Salesforce Opportunity through a Contact Account or Contact Role. This is hugely valuable because you instantly know when a key decision-maker in a sales deal is on your website. Plus, you can segment the contacts on a target account and customize routing for each (we’ll get deeper on that topic below). 

Salesforce Experience triggers on accounts & opportunities

With our enhanced Salesforce matching noted above, we can also trigger unique Experiences when a website visitor matches a Salesforce Account or Opportunity. For example, you can trigger experiences and send alerts when:

"A $50,000 Open Opportunity is on your site, it's Cisco owned by AE Mike Jones"
"A Diamond Target Account is on your site, it's Coca-Cola with 12,000 employees"
"They're back! A Dead Opportunity is on your site, it's Nike owned by AE Jen Smith"

With a deeper level of insight into each visitor, you can refine your conversational marketing strategy and offer a tailored experience for those who matter most to your business.

Salesforce advanced routing with custom lookup fields

Routing a website visitor to the proper salesperson is crucial. It ensures a better experience by connecting the right people without missing a beat. With Salesforce Account-Based Routing, you can route a website visitor listed on a target account to the assigned account owner. This way, the person who cares most about the target account will be instantly alerted that a valuable lead is on the website. 

For example, let’s say you have an Opportunity open for someone at Apple, Inc. - USA but a website visitor is from Apple, Inc. - EMEA. While Apple, Inc. is a target account, it’s unlikely that visitor is related to your open Opportunity so you’ll want to route them to the EMEA account owner instead.

If an assigned routing option isn’t available—perhaps the account owner is refreshing their coffee when a prospect visits the site—you may opt for a fallback option to reroute the visitor elsewhere. However, we now offer the option to remove a fallback. Instead, you can use a chatbot to answer questions or schedule a meeting so available reps can squarely focus on their assigned accounts. 

Salesforce deferred push creates the perfect sales incentive

Qualified is an indispensable tool for capturing leads directly on your website in real time. However, instantly creating a lead—or any other preferred event—isn’t always the best course of action. With Salesforce Deferred Push, you can delay lead creation in Salesforce until certain conditions are met. For example, Qualified will wait until a conversation is picked up by an SDR before creating and assigning the lead. This way, a sales repdoesn’t waste time working a lead they don’t own and it also incentivizes reps to move quickly when a new lead is on your website. Regardless of whether the event is deferred, the lead will always be captured in Salesforce even if the website visitor abandons a conversation.  

Salesforce custom activity record names

Keeping a paper trail of Qualified conversations with each lead is hugely valuable because it gives you a complete record of important exchanges in the sales cycle. Previously, you could only save these conversations as a Salesforce Activity with a default naming convention. Now, you can customize the naming conventions in a way that works best for you.

Salesforce anonymous account identification

We continue to bolster our integrations with reverse IP services, and now have partnerships with Clearbit Reveal, Demandbase, and 6sense. These integrations help identify who is on your site, then Qualified connects those insights to your Salesforce instance. This data flow is what makes our Conversational Marketing solution so powerful; providing the insights you need to understand your website visitors then enabling your teams to take quick, strategic action that drives more pipeline.

2. New analytics, dashboards & A/B testing

Unlock actionable insights with robust testing and analytics capabilities

Deriving actionable insights from your Conversational Marketing program is critical to your ongoing success. We’ve built new experimentation and reporting functionality that makes it easy for you to surface rich performance insights and put your learnings into action. 

The Autumn ‘20 release includes brand new revenue attribution dashboards, A/B testing for Experiences, high-intent visitor list creation, and more.

Unlock actionable insights with Qualified's robust testing and analytics capabilities

Pipeline and revenue Dashboards 

When you have a number of initiatives driving pipeline and revenue, it can be difficult to know which strategy is delivering certain outcomes. To solve for this, we built new dashboards to clarify pipeline and revenue that’s been influenced by Qualified. Attribution is done by connecting website visitors who engage with Qualified to customer data in Salesforce. This helps you understand the return on investment (ROI) of conversational marketing and how Qualified impacts important business metrics.

A/B split testing Experiences

When setting up Experiences with Qualified, it may be tricky to know which approach will be the most effective at meeting your goals. We now offer A/B testing for Experiences to help you test different variables—like copy, CTAs, and routing logic—to understand what resonates best with your audiences and drives the most value for your business.

Dashboard tiles, insights & metrics

You asked, and we listened. We have some exciting new dashboards that offer more granular data and rich insights to help your teams continuously improve.

  • The Leads Visited dashboard has been augmented to show total leads visited, Qualified conversations, and Qualified leads. This measures leads influenced by Qualified against total leads to show how conversational marketing impacts lead generation. We’ve also made similar changes to our Contacts Visited and Accounts Visited dashboards as well.
  • The new Rep Availability Log shows how often and how long reps are available to engage with website visitors using Qualified. This can be viewed as “Total Available Hours” in a select period of time or “Average Daily Hours” and identifies which reps are getting the most out of Qualified.
  • The Pounce & Conversion Metrics show the percentage of website visitors who convert to a lead when a rep proactively engages with them before they see a queued Experience. This shows whether website visitors respond more favorably to a “pounce plan” versus an Experience.

Visitor history reporting & target account prospecting

Knowing who is on your website then connecting those insights to Salesforce is a core tenet of Qualified. We now offer advanced website visitor lists that help you maximize these insights even further. 

With Target Account Prospecting reports use website data and custom filters to generate a report of website visitors who show high purchase intent for your business. For example, someone who has visited your website four times in the last 48 hours. You can then leverage these reports to grow your outbound accounts. These prospecting lists, as well as all website visitor details, can also be exported and shared with key stakeholders. 

3. New global deployments & internationalization

Localization and territory features power easy global rollouts

If your company operates globally, you understand the importance of adapting your business across multiple regions, languages, and timezones. Nowhere is that more critical than how you interact and converse with your prospects and customers.

The Autumn ‘20 release showcases advanced localization functionality, including multi-language support, localized data validation, and global territory routing.

Multi-language Experiences

Qualified Experiences are now localized by default, which means system messages are dynamically translated based on the location of each website visitor. This improves the end user experience and fosters more productive conversations for your sales team. Current languages include English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and Italian with more languages coming soon.

Localized visitor field validation

Validations support good data hygiene by ensuring website visitors provide information in the proper format. Qualified now supports localized validations so phone numbers and zip codes are immediately confirmed by the system. For example, if someone located in Paris inputs a German postal code, the system will prompt the user to input data that matches their location. In this case, the system would require a French postal code. 

Multi-language data mapping

While Multi-language Experiences improve the experience for the end user, it can make data mapping to Salesforce a bit complicated. To simplify this process, we now automatically translate responses from a preferred language in a Qualified chatbox to English inside Salesforce. This way your data is readily available without additional backend work.

Global territory routing

We mentioned earlier that proper routing of a website visitor is crucial—especially when it’s a target account. If an assigned account owner isn’t available, you may opt to reroute the visitor elsewhere. Now, you have even more control by rerouting a visitor to a specific territory or region based on the way your sales team is structured. For example, a website visitor in Italy can be rerouted to another rep in EMEA rather than someone in North America. This ensures 

4. New Enterprise-grade security & compliance

Advanced security features built to meet the demands of Enterprise business

At Qualified, we take our role in your customer data very seriously, and we know your business depends on it. Customer trust and data security will always be our top priority. 

The Autumn ‘20 release advances our security standards with new features and certifications that ensure your customer data and your business are kept safe.

Qualified's advanced security features are built to meet the demands of the Enterprise

Enterprise SSO

We now offer single sign-on (SSO) through multiple Identity Providers (IdP)—including Okta, Azure, and OneLogin. This protects your business from vulnerabilities, increases employee productivity by streamlining password management, and simplifies workflows for IT teams.

SOC 2 Type II Certified

We’re happy to announce we’re now SOC 2 Type II certified, which serves as assurance that your data is being managed in a controlled and audited environment. It also captures how a company safeguards customer data and how well those controls are operating. Check out our blog post to learn more. 

Wrap up

That’s a wrap on Qualified Autumn ‘20! We’re super excited about what these new features will unlock for our customers. These updates are largely influenced by your helpful feedback. If you have ideas for what you’d like to see in future releases, or questions about this release, chat with us live on the website, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or email at any time. 

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