Qualified customers share their top tips to try in 2023

Our customers had a big year in 2022, and they're sharing their best practices and tips to bring into 2023 to generate more pipeline than ever.

Qualified customers share their top tips to try in 2023
Shelly Weaver
Shelly Weaver
January 27, 2023
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We learned a lot in 2022, and some of the best gems we’re taking into this year came from our very own customers. We asked Qualified users to share what worked for them in 2022, and how the Pipeline Cloud is helping them elevate their pipeline generation strategy in 2023. 

Hear what they had to say about their experiences as Qualified customers👇

Tip #1: Leverage Qualified's insights to make sure you're asking the right qualifying questions

Sendoso saw big returns when they started asking the right questions

The big game-changer for Sendoso has been leveraging Qualified to elevate their website experience when reps are offline–by putting best practices into place, they’ve seen 10-15% of their sales-qualified opportunities come in through their offline meeting booker. By opening this new avenue, Sendoso gained a much better understanding of which qualifying questions were bringing in the most productive leads, and which questions weren’t actually as helpful. 

“It may be pricing, it may be capabilities. We can add in questions to further filter those people out, which is really nice insight for us,” said Katie, Sendoso’s Manager of Business Development and Sales Outreach. 

This year, they’ll continue evolving that offline chat experience as well as their post-sales experiences to keep communications with their customers cohesive and consistent. 

Read more about Sendoso’s story here.

Tip #2: Don't rush the implementation process to set your team up for future success

AlphaSense invested time during implementation to set themselves up for future success

While we pride ourselves on quick, easy implementation when you partner with your Qualified Success Architect, taking the time to be extremely thorough paid off for Mike and Alex on the AlphaSense team. Their initial results are impressive, just take a look at that 4,109% ROI, but they know they’ll continue to see those kinds of results because of the time they’ve dedicated in the early stages. 

Alex, their Marketing Operations Manager, recommends not rushing the process for the best results, “Check your integrations, make sure you have all the fields set up, think through how the flow is going to work, and then build your experiences accordingly. I've now worked at organizations where we had no live chat and where we had some live chat. Live chat makes a huge difference in how you're able to reach the tool. Getting your reps focused, trained, and incentivized to use the tool is key to getting the most out of Qualified.” 

Check out AlphaSense’s Pipeline Cloud success story here.

Tip #3: Use Qualified to uncover powerful insights about your business

Carta was surprised to learn just how much they didn’t know about their business

“What has caught me the most by surprise —in a really good way— is what we didn't know before,” Anna, Carta’s Director of Sales Development, said. Implementing Qualified allowed Carta to have more direct access to her team’s performance than she’d had before, opening up an entirely new world of information. Carta is now better able to understand what’s working in their inbound and outbound efforts, and what’s driving the most pipeline. 

When first starting with Qualified, Anna recommends breaking things into phases and leaning on your support team. All of this new information and capability gives teams so much insight, “It keeps team members fired up,” Anna said. “I have never experienced —ever—customer support like I get from Qualified, and I’ve been in tech sales for over 20 years,” Anna said. “We're seeing every week our team get better and better and it's because of the continued training.”

Read more about Carta's story here.

Tip #4: Think big when it comes to training your reps–the possibilities are endless

Revenue.io had an “a-ha moment” that changed how they tailor their messaging

When Revenue.io connected their website to their Salesforce instance with Qualified, they were able to identify VIP customers and accounts visiting their site that otherwise go unnoticed. This expanded their target account list, resulting in more high-quality pipeline generated. 

Armed with this new level of intel, their sales reps could nurture high-intent accounts and bring them back to the website for real-time, human conversations and connections, converting them right then and there and getting them into the sales cycle. 

Jesse, Director of Lifecycle Marketing, says “Educating teams about the capabilities of conversational marketing and providing a roadmap is essential for success. A big part of that is making sure that the SDRs understand how to tailor messages. It's no surprise to me that our most successful SDRs are the ones who put in that extra effort to personalize the messaging where it makes sense.” 

This all came together when Revenue.io signed one of their largest deals of the year with an online cooking school, a customer that was outside of their ICP, but showing clear interest in their products. The Pipeline Cloud made it all possible by surfacing that buyer intent and connecting the school with reps in real time, where their reps were able to tailor messaging.

Read more about Revenue.io’s wins with the Pipeline Cloud here.

Tip #5: Use Qualified data to test and refine your customer journey

OwnBackup leveraged Qualified’s data to refine their customer journey

Creating the path of least resistance is key to converting more website visitors and crafting a buyer journey that best serves your customers. Inna, OwnBackup’s Director of Digital Demand Generation, advises Qualified customers to take advantage of the data you get from website traffic within Qualified to hone in on the right conversion paths for your buyers.

“We learned the same lessons as we knew with forms. Providing the easiest path to conversion with a very clear CTA is key. If the visitor has a question or if they just need to immediately schedule time with our sales team, they need to experience the path of least resistance.”

Lindsey, OwnBackup’s Digital Demand Development Lead, added, “Segment, personalize, and test. Qualified is a powerful driver of pipeline when it's set up correctly. The conversion has to be exactly what the web visitor is looking for and getting there requires time to learn their behavior: what the visitors are trying to find, collecting and analyzing that data, and running tests.”

Most of all, they recommended collaborating with your Qualified Success Architect to gain the knowledge and best practices you need to thrive with the Pipeline cloud.

Learn more about OwnBackup’s success with Qualified here.

Tip #6: Use conversational marketing to proactively engage your buyers

Veritone learned that Qualified goes well beyond a chat tool

Any chat tool can connect you to customers, but Veritone learned that Qualified’s products are much bigger than a chat solution. Kevin, Veritone’s Sales Development Manager, recommends approaching Qualified as a full-service prospect engagement medium. “Most people probably think that a web chat tool is to be used from a receiving standpoint. However, with Pounce Alerts, there are proactive engagement possibilities. This makes Qualified a dual-sided communication medium. That has changed the game for us."

With Qualified’s ability to give representatives unprecedented insights into website visitors, the biggest part of the buyer journey happens well before your sales reps actually engage them. Reps can see research and buying intent data with Qualified Signals, keep an eye on buyer behavior at the account level, and proactively engage buyers with the content they need right when they need it, leading to more meetings and more high-quality pipeline. 

Read how Veritone’s achieved 340% ROI here.

Curious about what your pipeline could look like with Qualified? Read our book, Measuring Success with the Pipeline Cloud, for a better idea of how the Pipeline Cloud could impact your pipeline in 2023.

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