Say Hello to Qualified Spring '21

Here’s a roundup of the latest and greatest features, hot off the press from the Qualified product team.

Say Hello to Qualified Spring '21
Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
April 1, 2021
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Spring is here, bringing longer days and warmer weather. It also brings the Qualified Spring ‘21 release, which is loaded with new features that deliver even more value for your sales and marketing teams.

Our goal is to help our customers get the most out of Qualified so we’ve focused this release on four key themes: integrations, analytics, alerts, and—of course—Salesforce. So, grab some Claritin and get ready to explore our latest and greatest offerings, including:

  • NEW! Fresh Integrations with Industry-Leading Platforms
  • NEW! Deeper Reporting Capabilities with Qualified Analytics
  • NEW! Enhanced Notifications and Routing Visibility
  • NEW! Even More Qualified for Salesforce Functionality

NEW! Fresh integrations with industry-leading platforms

Harness the power of your sales and marketing tech stack to amplify the Qualified platform

Introducing Qualified for ZoomInfo and Qualified for Hubspot
New integrations allow you to surface even more relevant data when a visitor arrives on your site

Qualified for ZoomInfo 

The Qualified for ZoomInfo integration brings all of the power of ZoomInfo—a global leader in B2B intelligence—into Qualified Visitor 360. With more visibility into your website visitors, you can create magic moments that are tailored to each unique visitor—like relevant Qualified Experiences and personalized sales conversations. 

Qualified for HubSpot 

The Qualified for HubSpot integration harnesses the power of HubSpot—a leader in marketing automation—to identify existing leads and customers the moment they land on your website. With the HubSpot browser cookie, Qualified will match visitors against your Salesforce data then instantly route them to the sales rep who cares most. This integration identifies more website visitors so you can create memorable experiences that drive more pipeline for your business.

Qualified for Slack

We recently announced the Qualified for Slack integration to keep your teams in-the-know when valuable visitors are on your site. Now, you can send a direct message to Slack users who don’t have a Qualified account. For example, notify the VP of Sales directly when an open Opportunity is on the site. Or, send a message to the Chief Revenue Officer when a target account arrives.

NEW! Deeper reporting capabilities with Qualified Analytics

Get more visibility into your conversational sales and marketing program as well as team performance

Conversation Flow Analytics

Building Qualified Experiences that engage website visitors and capture leads is key, but it can be tricky without metrics. With Conversation Flow Analytics, you now have visibility into touchpoints that garner more engagement or cause visitor drop-off. With this insight, you can optimize your greetings, branching logic, and routing rules to qualify even more website traffic.

Conversation Flow Analytics gives you the metrics you need to optimize Experiences

Clickthrough dashboards

Qualified Analytics provides a high-level overview of your program performance. Now, with Clickthrough Dashboards, you can dig deeper into the underlying data for each dashboard tile. For example, click into the Meetings Booked tile to see who was on your site and when, the reps who engaged with visitors, and the number of meetings offered.

Session reports

Unlike Visitor Reports that filter unique leads or contacts on your website, Session Reports show visitor activity during each website visit. For example, you can filter to see how many meetings were offered, how many reps pounced, or how many pages were viewed during a chosen time frame. This gives you more visibility into visitor engagement with your site—as well as your sales reps—so you can continuously optimize the visitor experience.

NEW! Enhanced notifications and routing visibility

Keep your teams informed when valuable visitors are on the site

Qualified Email Digests

To streamline website visitor reporting, we now offer Email Digests. With this new feature, you can build custom visitor lists with specific filters then have those lists emailed to stakeholders at a cadence of your choosing—like every Monday at 9AM. This simplifies your workflows by having valuable website visitor data automatically appear in your inbox when you need it most. From there, your sales team can take quick action and outbound to prospects who’ve already expressed interest in your product. 

Qualified Email Digests
Qualified Email Digests deliver valuable visitor data right to your inbox

Salesforce email notifications

Knowing when valuable visitors are on your site just got easier with Salesforce Email Notifications. You can now send an email to any Salesforce user triggered from a User Object lookup on an Account, Contact, or Lead. For example, set up notifications to instantly email an Account Owner the moment a visitor from the account lands on your site.

Visitor timeline routing history

You can now view the routing history for each individual visitor when you hover over “Routed to Reps” in the Visitor Timeline. This gives your reps in-the-moment context when a visitor is routed to them— specifically, why a visitor was routed to them and the Experience they received—so reps can engage with a meaningful greeting.

Qualified Visitor Timeline Routing History
Visitor Timeline Routing History gives sales reps in-the-moment context

Website visitor notifications

Engaging your website visitors in real time is vital to the success of your conversational sales and marketing program—and it all starts with the Qualified Messenger. We recently added an additional messenger prompt that offers a more conversational approach. It’s designed to resemble a chat widget with a notification bubble that’s more eye-catching and engaging. This gives you even more flexibility so you can optimize to the style that is most suitable for your visitors.

New! Even more Qualified for Salesforce functionality 

Explore new features that are purpose-built for Salesforce

Salesforce is always at the core of everything we do. We know it’s the foundation of your business and it’s why we continuously invest in Salesforce features. We recently released a Qualified for Pardot SSO migration path as well as Salesforce Email Notifications, but we’re most excited about dependent picklists.

Dependent picklists

Qualified now supports mapping to dependent picklist fields on the Salesforce Lead and Contact Objects. When you choose to include a dependent field in a Qualified Experience, only valid values will be shown in the messenger. For example, if a visitor says they are located in California then the next question will only show cities in that state. Once Qualified fields are mapped to dependent fields, they will be permanently bound to Salesforce for future reference.

Wrap up

That’s a wrap for Qualified Spring ‘21, but we’re not done yet! Our customers are our top priority and we’re focused on building a product that works for them. That said, something big is coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned to learn more. 👀 

Our feature releases are largely influenced by your helpful feedback so if you have ideas for what you’d like to see in future releases—or questions about this release—chat with us live on the website or reach out to our Customer Success team at any time.

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