Qualified Summer ‘20 Has Arrived!

Here’s a roundup of the latest and greatest features, hot off the press from the Qualified product team.

Thani Suchoknand
Thani Suchoknand
June 1, 2020
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As marketers scrambled to shift their demand gen strategies over the past few months, one thing became crystal clear: there’s no better time to double-down on your corporate website and open the door for real-time sales conversations. With that, we’re excited to unveil some brand new features that will help you with that mission. Here’s a roundup of the top features included in our Summer ‘20 release. Dive in! 🏊

New! Fresh Experience Builder functionality

The experience builder has some brand new features designed to help you easily create and update experiences.

Qualified Summer '20 Release: New Experience Builder Functionality
New experience builder functionality, like Blocks and Jump actions, simplify the building process
  • Experience Blocks: Do you ever find yourself building the same set of actions across multiple experiences? For example, you may ask the same lead qualification questions across a dozen different experiences. Now with Blocks, you'll just need to create those actions once. Then you can reuse them in any experience, wherever you see fit. 
  • Jump Actions: When you’re building out a new experience, you can now “jump” to another step within that same experience. This is another great time-saver for our experience building pros.
  • Visitor Field Validation: Validations make sure that visitors provide you with information in the proper format. In addition to out of the box validations that Qualified provides, like collecting valid phone numbers or email addresses, you can now create custom validations for your business. For example, you can make sure that usernames, serial numbers, or product IDs collected during a conversation are formatted to your liking, so that your company always has clean visitor data.

New! Conversational Content Marketing

Does your company produce content (ebooks and guides) in an effort to generate top of funnel leads? If so, you’ll want to check out this new feature. 

Now with Qualified Summer ‘20, you can make your content interactive using Conversational Content Marketing. This means ditching the old content gate that deters readers, and replacing it with an engaging messenger that sits right next to your content piece. Conversational Content Marketing allows you to capture leads via a chatbot and also gives sales reps a platform to have instant, contextual conversations with readers.

Qualified Summer '20 Release: Make your content interactive with Conversational Content Marketing
Use Conversational Content Marketing to collect leads and connect qualified readers with sales reps in real time

A variety of features, like the ability to automatically open the messenger upon page load or the option to trigger a Pardot email campaign, make Conversational Content Marketing possible. Check out this blog post for a breakdown of our thought process behind Conversational Content Marketing. Or, head on over to our books to see it in action: 

Speed to Lead: The New Conversational Selling Model that will Supercharge Your SDR Team

The Definitive Guide: Conversational Marketing for Salesforce

New! Target account matching for Conversational ABM

To date, with Qualified ABM, your sales team has been alerted when a known person from an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) target account arrives on your site. Good news... Qualified ABM just got even smarter. Now, your sales team will know when anyone from a target account arrives on your site, even when they aren’t a known website visitor. 

A visitor becomes known if they have ever filled out a form, clicked through an email campaign, or provided their information during a website conversation. Every time they return to your site, since they are cookied, you instantly know who they are. Now, in addition to being alerted when these known individuals arrive on your site, you will be alerted when anyone from a target account arrives, thanks to Target Account Matching.

Target Account Matching is achieved using a technique called “fuzzy matching.” Qualified automatically pulls in the visitors’ website domain, and does a quick lookup of your Salesforce ABM target account list, to see if there’s a match. Qualified instantly recognizes if this visitor works for a target account. 

Qualified Summer '20 Release: Smart Target Account Matching
Qualified will tell you when someone from an ABM target account arrives on your site by matching their website domain with your Salesforce ABM account list

Then you can automatically surface Salesforce Account data, route conversations, personalize greetings, and roll out the red carpet for these VIPs. The end result: your sales team can engage and convert more people from target accounts... A sales reps' dream! Check out Qualified University to learn more about Target Account Matching.

We continue to go "All In" on Salesforce

There's no doubt about it, Salesforce is the foundation of your business. With that in mind, Salesforce will always be a core part of the Qualified product. This release, we have some exciting new routing capabilities as well as guides to help you report like a pro.

Flexible Salesforce Routing: By default, Qualified has always routed conversations to the Salesforce Lead, Contact, or Account owner. Now, you can route conversations to any custom lookup field on the Lead, Contact, or Account Record. This means you can route conversations to people who might support a lead or an account and be more readily available to hop into the Qualified application, like a Sales Development Rep or a Business Development Rep. Ultimately, you can leverage more Salesforce data and have even more control over your routing rules.

Qualified Summer '20: Flexible Salesforce Routing
New Salesforce routing rules give you complete control over how conversations are routed

Campaign Attribution and Influence Guides: If it isn't in Salesforce, did it really happen? Salesforce is the source of truth for your sales and marketing reporting, so it's critical that you're measuring the success of your Conversational Marketing in Salesforce as well. Our Salesforce-certified experts have published new guides to teach you how to setup and report on Campaign Attribution and Campaign Influence inside of Salesforce.

Campaign Attribution and Campaign Influence
Easily create Campaign Attribution and Influence Dashboards with the help of Qualified University

New! Marketo and Demandbase integrations

Qualified Summer ‘20 includes some powerful new integrations, designed to help you take full advantage of the systems you’re already using. 

Qualified for Marketo: Marketing Nation, rejoice! You can now seamlessly integrate Marketo and Qualified. By connecting these platforms, you can instantly surface a website visitors’ Marketo lead data inside of Qualified, thanks to the Marketo Munchkin cookie. Sales reps can then engage valuable leads in an instant, personalized sales conversation, within the context of their larger customer journey.


Qualified Summer '20 Release: Qualified for Marketo
Alert your team the moment a Marketo lead arrives on your site, and automatically surface all of their lead data, driving intelligent sales conversations.

Qualified for Demandbase: Demandbase is a key player in the ABM space, helping companies identify and attract target accounts. Now, you can integrate DemandBase and Qualified, helping you pull in relevant information from your Demandbase target accounts when they arrive on your site. 

Qualified Summer '20 Release: Qualified for Demandbase
With Qualified for Demandbase, sales reps can automatically know when a target account arrives on the site, and see all of their firmographic data and Demandbase intent data.

Head on over to our integrations page to brush up on all of Qualified’s integrations.

Wrap up

That’s a wrap on Qualified Summer ‘20! We can’t wait to see how you use these new features to better connect with your prospects and customers. Have questions about the release? Chat with us live right here, or reach out to our Customer Success team. We'll be standing by to help you take full advantage of Qualified Summer '20.


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