Say Hello to Qualified Winter ‘22

We're excited to share the latest features from the Qualified product team in Winter '22. Visit our blog to learn about our new features aimed at boosting pipeline generation and more.

Say Hello to Qualified Winter ‘22
Jessica Ding
Jessica Ding
January 24, 2022
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Winter is here—with cold days and long, dark nights. But here's a bright spot: the Qualified Winter '22 Release. 

At Qualified, our mantra is do “Whatever it takes” to ensure our customers are successful. We thrive on your input to drive our product roadmap, with the goal of helping you get the most value out of Qualified. Chock-full of the newest and most-requested features, this release is all about boosting productivity for pipeline generation faster than ever before.  

Grab a hot toddy, get cozy, and explore our latest and greatest offerings, including:

  • NEW! Qualified Signals, Account-Based Buying Intent for Salesforce
  • NEW! Qualified Desktop App for Qualified Anywhere
  • NEW! Advanced Functionality in the Qualified Experience Builder
  • NEW! Enhanced Reporting and Dashboards with Qualified Analytics

NEW! Qualified Signals, account-based buying intent for Salesforce

Designed to focus your sellers on accounts with high buying intent so they can maximize pipeline generation

Following our Autumn ‘21 Release, we introduced Qualified Signals, a groundbreaking new account-based buying intent product, purpose-built for Salesforce customers. Qualified Signals unlocks first-party website engagement data to predict buying intent from target accounts. Using a proprietary AI predictive model, Qualified Signals analyzes hundreds of thousands of website data points to determine which accounts are showing propensity to buy and deserve the utmost attention from your sales reps. Gone are the days of prospecting in the dark! 

Qualified Signals will be available widely in early February. For more information, please contact your dedicated Qualified Success Architect. In the meantime, check out our blog post or watch the demo below ⬇️ to learn more about Qualified Signals and how it will help your sellers prioritize their prospecting efforts for better pipeline generation.

NEW! Desktop app for Qualified Anywhere

Minimize distractions and have more conversations with the new desktop app

Our team is always looking for ways to deliver the best possible user experience. That’s why we created Qualified Anywhere, a suite of features that enables you to chat with VIP visitors anytime, anywhere. It started with the web app, which you know and use today. Then, as the world went digital-first over the past two years, we introduced Qualified Mobile, our mobile app that gives reps the flexibility to access Qualified X and instantly jump into sales conversations, right from their phone.

With the world becoming increasingly digital, it’s easy to get distracted. Your sales reps are inundated with chats, requests, and the like, toggling between tabs. That’s why we created Qualified Desktop. It’s the same features and functionality as the web app, available right on your desktop. Your reps can now launch Qualified, get notifications, and access chat conversations faster than ever before, without getting lost in web browsers. The result? More sales productivity and more pipeline generation.

Use Qualified Desktop to access chat conversations faster, without getting lost in web browsers.

💻 Download Qualified for Mac or Qualified for Windows today. 

NEW! Advanced functionality in the Qualified Experience Builder

Designed to help your team move faster and deliver more personalized experiences for VIP visitors

Multiple Messenger themes for Qualified Conversations

Most enterprise companies have more than one product, service, or company operating under their parent brand. Instead of having one messenger theme across all web properties, admins now have the flexibility to set messenger themes based on domain. Customize the messenger’s title, logo, colors, button shapes, and graphics to align with your different brand standards. If no customizations are made, the messenger theme will remain the default theme. This feature is available for select plans. To learn more, contact your dedicated Qualified Success Architect and check out this University article for additional details.

Multiple Messenger Themes can now be configured across your different web properties.

Duplicate segments and routing rules

Easily duplicate Segments and routing rules across different Experiences, instead of recreating each one manually. This new functionality will save you significant time when building new Experiences, so you can focus on more important tasks—like capturing pipeline.

Branching based on rep availability

Guarantee your VIP visitors will never be left hanging. After a visitor is routed for pounce, add the “Branch based on rep availability” step to automatically check rep availability. Then, serve up personalized messaging based on whether a rep is available or not. Check out this University article to learn more.

“Starts With” routing filter

Custom routing rules just got more powerful. When creating routing rules, admins can now define what number, letter, or word the field information starts with. For example, companies with larger territories that route by zip code can now create rules like “if the zip code starts with 941…” instead of painstakingly entering every zip code. You can now dedicate more time to personalizing experiences and scaling.

Configurable alerts

Every time a hot lead arrives on your site, your sales reps are alerted to pounce and take action. With a constant stream of visitors, the alerts can become overwhelming. This new feature enables reps to customize alerts, helping them distinguish between website visitors and stay focused on those who matter most. Alerts can be configured by stream, device, and sound. Check out this University article to learn more.

Chat transfer notifications

Make conversation handoffs easier than ever before. When your reps are ready to transfer a chat to another available rep, Qualified will automatically notify the recipient that the chat is coming their way. This eliminates the manual step of pinging their teammate, so they can operate more efficiently.

NEW! Enhanced reporting and dashboards with Qualified Analytics

New capabilities to help your team make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions

New comparison metrics and dashboard tiles

Rather than showing a singular data point in your dashboard tile, you can now add secondary and tertiary metrics to make quick data comparisons. Drill into the details, customize your view, and compare key metrics with over 50 tiles options curated by our trusted Qualified Success Architect team. Then, customize the name of each tile to align with your business needs.

To further scale insights across your business, we created a series of new dashboard tiles; from Salesforce account sessions, Salesforce contact sessions, Salesforce lead sessions, Eloqua contact sessions, Marketo lead sessions, and Pardot prospect sessions to name a few. Check out the Qualified University article to learn more and start turning your data into actionable insights.

Drill into dashboard tiles with secondary and tertiary comparison metrics.

Qualified reporting API

Enterprise companies have a ton of data. This powerful new API gives them the ability to extract Qualified conversation data in bulk, then push it into a data warehouse to keep all their data in a centralized repository. From there, they can use a business intelligence platform—like Tableau, Looker, or ThoughtSpot—to slice and dice the data however they need. Reference our API documentation to learn more.

New session report filters

Filtering allows your team to quickly search through your data and find the details that matter most to them. We’ve enhanced our filtering options to help your team make more strategic decisions. 

  • Outside of Business Hours filters: We’ve made it easier to report on website sessions occurring outside of business hours. In addition to a “Business Hours” filter, there’s now an “Outside of Business Hours” filter. Know and analyze missed conversations outside of business hours to adjust your staffing and Experiences accordingly.
  • Date filters: Don’t have a specific date range to filter your data by? Or one of your fields is left blank? No problem! You can now select “is anything” and “is blank” on date filters and report on performance data, regardless of whether there’s a date or not. 
  • Website URL filters: You can now filter reports based on “Website URLs visited during session” instead of a single URL. If you don’t know the exact URL, you can filter to contain a keyword. This provides deeper visibility into visitor interaction across web domains. 

Check out this Qualified University article to learn more, and start splicing and dicing your data.

Pounce leaderboard metrics

Qualified allows your reps to proactively engage with VIP visitors as soon as they land on your site. We call this “pouncing.” Measure the impact of this strategy with our expanded Pounce Leaderboard. Along with Pounce Attempts and Conversations, sales leaders can now see Pounce Routings, the total number of times a rep had an opportunity to pounce on a visitor and where chats are being routed. From here, you may choose to modify staffing or provide more personalized feedback when coaching reps.

Wrap up

That’s a wrap for Qualified Winter ‘22, but we always keep a steady drumbeat of innovation. Qualified Signals will be generally available in early February so stay tuned.

As always, our goal is to help our customers achieve long-term growth and our releases are driven by your valuable feedback. If you have ideas for future releases, we want to hear from you—chat with us live on the website or reach out to our Customer Success team at any time.

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