The Qualified Autumn ‘21 Release is here!

Here’s a roundup of the latest and greatest features, hot off the press from the Qualified product team!

Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
October 14, 2021
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Crisp air, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin-flavored everything—it’s officially autumn! This also means the Qualified Autumn ‘21 release is here. 🍁

At Qualified, we work tirelessly to innovate for our customers around the world. This past season was no different. We listened to your feedback and continued to enhance our feature set, all with the goal of helping revenue teams that use Salesforce drive more pipeline for your business.

So, grab some warm apple cider and cozy up with our latest and greatest offerings, including:

  • NEW! The Qualified Xforce Platform
  • NEW! The Qualified Mobile App
  • NEW! Fresh and Upgraded Qualified Integrations
  • NEW! Advanced Functionality in the Qualified Experience Builder
  • ‍NEW! Enhanced Reporting Filters with Qualified Analytics

NEW! Qualified Xforce: The world’s first native conversational platform built exclusively for Salesforce

Designed to give you a smarter way to build bespoke conversational sales and marketing programs driven by Salesforce

In case you missed it, Dreamforce 2021 was completely reimagined and went off with a bang! This year, we introduced Qualified Xforce: The world’s first native conversational platform built exclusively for Salesforce. Serving as the foundation beneath Qualified X—Qualified’s flagship product—Xforce is the engine that powers its end-to-end application behavior. Built natively on the Salesforce Platform and connecting deeply into the Salesforce core, Xforce enables Qualified to build completely bespoke conversational programs exclusively for Salesforce Sales Cloud customers—like you. 

Qualified customers already have access to the Xforce Platform as it supports the core functionality of your current plan. There will be no changes to your plan and no additional costs. If you have any questions about the Xforce Platform, please contact your Qualified Success Architect at any time.

The Xforce Platform offers ten major services that harness the power of Salesforce.

NEW! Qualified Anywhere, our new mobile app

Designed to instantly alert and enable sales reps to have in-the-moment conversations with VIP website visitors directly from their phone

The events of the past year have accelerated digital transformation across industries around the globe; and during this time, conversational sales and marketing emerged as the new way for sellers to connect with buyers. Soon, your sales teams will be back on the road but buyers will continue to expect the same level of service. When sales teams are on-the-go, they miss pivotal moments to meet with buyers.

As our customers transition to “the new normal,” Qualified will transition with you. That’s why we built Qualified Anywhere. With our new mobile app, sales reps are instantly alerted when a high-value buyer arrives on the website so they can quickly jump into a conversation right from their phone. This offers complete flexibility throughout their day while continuing to meet with buyers on their terms. It brings the power of Qualified X to the palm of your hand. 

The Qualified mobile app is currently available to select customers and will be available for download from the Apple and Android app stores in Fall 2021. If you’d like more information, please contact your dedicated Qualified Success Architect.

NEW! Fresh and upgraded Qualified integrations

Supercharge the Qualified platform with Outreach, Clearbit, 6sense, and Eloqua’s latest upgrades

Qualified for Outreach

Sales reps spend their entire day in sales engagement platforms like Outreach, crafting personalized, relevant email campaigns for target accounts. They send hundreds of emails with the hopes of engaging a prospect in a conversation. With Qualified for Outreach, sales reps can instantly meet with VIP prospects the moment they click through an Outreach email campaign and arrive on the website. It takes Qualified X to the next level and is guaranteed to boost outbound generated pipeline and accelerate your sales cycle. Check out the Qualified University article to learn more and contact your Qualified Success Architect to get started today.

Clearbit Reveal and 6sense Confidence Score

Clearbit Reveal and 6sense use the IP address of a website visitor to instantly surface rich visitor data, like company, location, and employee count. As part of our integration with Clearbit and 6sense, we display confidence scores in Qualified Visitor 360, indicating the level of certainty for the match. Previously, all fields, regardless of confidence level, would be displayed. However, low levels can be distracting for sales reps. Now, Qualified customers can modify settings to show fields only when it meets a certain confidence level. This increases sales rep confidence when greeting website visitors and also helps them focus their time on their most important buyers. Check out the Qualified University articles for Clearbit and 6sense to learn more.

Clearbit Reveal and 6sense can be modified to only show confidence levels when they meet a certain threshold.

Eloqua Contacts upgrade

Qualified for Eloqua, Oracle’s marketing automation solution, enables Qualified customers to recognize known leads and contacts who visit their website. Once website visitors arrive from an Eloqua campaign, Qualified instantly reads the Eloqua cookie and matches it against your Salesforce data. Not only can Qualified read Eloqua data to pull in information from existing records, Qualified can now be configured to create and update existing Eloqua records with data from website conversations. This enhancement provides richer contact and company data for sales reps, empowering them to further personalize engagement. Check out the Qualified University article to learn more about our Eloqua integration.

NEW! Advanced functionality in the Qualified Experience Builder

Designed for admins to have more security and control over their Qualified instance

Custom user permissions

Instead of limiting user roles to Admin or Rep, our newest update allows “Custom” roles as well. Admins have full access to Qualified—including settings, Experiences, and reporting—while Reps are limited to viewing visitor Live Streams, messaging assigned visitors, or referencing reports and dashboards. Now, admins can also set Custom roles, which gives them more control over each individual’s account. This provides tailored permissions and also offers heightened security. Check out the Qualified University article to learn more.

Multiple admin locks

When a visitor arrives on a website, they’re greeted with the Qualified Messenger that walks them through a tailored Qualified Experience. These Experiences can vary from a simple greeting to complex qualifying questions to offering a meeting with a sales rep. Previously, only one admin could build and modify Experiences at a time—locking out other team admins, causing delays, and creating inefficiencies. Now, multiple admins can edit different Experiences simultaneously. Even better, they will no longer block users from editing other Qualified settings as well. Check out the Qualified University article to learn more.

NEW! Enhanced reporting filters with Qualified analytics

More granular reporting and more insight into Qualified sessions that occur during business hours

Business Hours Reporting filter

Admins can now set business hours then use this filter in session reports using a Business Hours filter. This enables Sales Leadership to report on website sessions created solely during business hours and analyze missed conversations outside business hours. From there, they can use this data to adjust staffing hours or coach reps with proper follow up messaging. Check out the Qualified University article to learn more.

Session reports allow for filtering on pre-defined team business hours.

Wrap up

That’s a wrap for Qualified Autumn ’21, but we’re not done yet! The Qualified team has some exciting news brewing, which we’ll unveil in just a few short weeks. Stay tuned for our biggest announcement to date, you won’t want to miss it. 👀

As always, our feature releases are largely influenced by your feedback so if you have ideas for what you’d like to see in future releases—or questions about this release—chat with us live on the website or reach out to our success team at any time.

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