Building Out Open Opportunity Experiences

With Qualified on your website not only can you engage with your anonymous visitors, but also those visitors which are known prospects on your site, including those with open Opportunities in Salesforce.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to set up an experience to be able to identify visitors on your website with open opportunities and roll out the red carpet for them. Use this experience across your website for all contacts associated with an open opportunity. 

Set up Your Target Account Lists

Our Targeted Accounts feature allows for you to create lists based on your high value Accounts or Opportunities and later on trigger specific experiences or alerts for the visitors that belong to these Accounts and Opportunities as soon as they hit your site.

Be sure to read our detailed guide on setting up your target account lists before moving on to the next step. You’ll want to specifically create a target account list for your open opportunities within Salesforce as shown below.

Set up the Experience Trigger

Next, create a new experience and set up your trigger to tell Qualified who should be seeing this experience.

To get started, you’ll want to open up a new experience in Qualified and set the first rule to show the experience only to your newly created target account as shown below.

‍Alert Your Team

Now that you’ve set up your trigger to only show this experience for your open Opportunities - you’ll want to next alert your team as quickly as possible to these visitors being on your site. We recommend setting up two specific alerts:

  1. Voice alert
  2. Slack alert

Personalize the Experience for the Visitor

Finally, you’ll want to roll out the red carpet for your target accounts by personalizing the experience they receive on your website.

Among other things, you can do this by:

  1. Welcoming the visitor by using their first name (if you know it) or
  2. Calling out their company name and asking how you can help them specifically.

Code you’ll use within your experience: 

**Welcome {{visitor.fields.company}} 👋**

Code you’ll use within your experience:

 **Welcome back {{visitor.first_name}}** 👋

Route the Visitor

Remember, routing is key. Route the conversation to the Opportunity owner so they can have contextual, productive sales conversations. To do this, you'll want to first make sure your default routing rule is set up correctly in your Qualified account.

The default routing rule will first check to see if a website visitor is already a Lead or Contact in Salesforce. Qualified will determine this on-the-fly based upon reading the visitor cookie or gathering an email address via a form or a bot. If the system determines that there is already a Lead, or Contact record already in Salesforce, we'll look in Salesforce to see who the owner of that record is. If we find that the owner of the record in Salesforce is a user in Qualified via their personal Qualified <> Salesforce connection, we'll automatically try to route the conversation to that rep if they are online, If they are not online it will fallback to the selection beneath that, which is first available or round robin based routing,

You can turn this rule on or off depending on your needs as well as remove the option to book a meeting with the Salesforce owner. If this rule is turned off we'll no longer look for the Salesforce owner and will ask that you configure how the routing should proceed.

Routing with Salesforce Lead or Contact Owner turned off.

You can see more about setting up routing in detail on our default routing rule guide.


In this guide you learned how to create an experience specifically for your open Opportunities as well as learned how to alert your sales team of these high value people. Use this experience across your website for all contacts associated with an open opportunity to quickly engage and roll out the red carpet for them.

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