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Empower your inbound team to hit their pipeline goals faster with a revolutionary new set of technologies and processes designed for modern B2B sellers.

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The cheat code for leading inbound sales teams

Why Choose Qualified?

Qualified customers drive undeniable ROI

Sourced pipeline
Sourced revenue ROI
Sourced revenue
Average return each Qualified customer sees within 12 month timeframe

How inbound sales teams turn prospects into pipeline

The Pipeline Cloud for Inbound Sales is a proven strategy designed to help your inbound sales reps book more meetings and drive pipeline more efficiently.  Reps are empowered to conduct real-time sales discovery right on your website using visitor data to make the conversation more relevant. This results in more conversions, more pipeline, and crushed quotas.

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What is the value of the Pipeline Cloud for Inbound Sales?

Frictionless sales conversations right on your site

Speed to lead

Avoid the back and forth emails and phone calls after a standard form fill. Talk to visitors the moment they land on your site and qualify leads immediately.

Real-time sales discovery

Enable reps to conduct real-time discovery, right on the site, using live chat, voice calls, or video. Invite qualified buyers to instantly connect with your team and get their questions answered. More conversations equals more leads and more pipeline.

Crush your sales quotas

Sales reps can track their conversation engagement, performance, and business impact with custom dashboards and robust analytics. They can understand where their efforts are paying off and make smarter, data-driven decisions that generate more pipeline.

Human-centric experiences are crucial for modern buyers. Qualified’s Pipeline Cloud has influenced $4.9M in pipeline in just two months. Unreal!

Anna Centrella
Director of Sales Development

Qualified Conversations has helped us accelerate sales cycles. We’ve seen 400% ROI in just six months. It’s incredible!

Ernesto Castillo
Director of Sales Development

We're able to have our two favorite sales strategies working in harmony. When sales reps proactively start a live chat with visitors from an Outreach sequence, those visitors are 900X more likely to respond.

Sam Burns
Senior Manager of Sales Development

The Pipeline Cloud for Inbound Sales in action

Put the Pipeline Cloud into action with these key plays.

The Visitor Conversation

Engage qualified buyers in real-time conversations over live chat, voice, or video—right on the website. This results in a 10% conversation rate.

The Pricing Page Expert

Instantly notify your team when a visitor is on the pricing page. If they meet your qualification criteria, inbound sales reps can quickly jump into a conversation to answer questions in real time.

The ABM Red Carpet

When a buyer from a target account arrives, your inbound reps can welcome them to the site, answer questions in real time, and even book the next meeting before they depart. This strategy delivers a memorable, VIP buying experience for your most prized accounts and turns your ABM strategy into a lead-gen machine.
Pipeline Cloud for Inbound Sales

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