Qualified closes fiscal year strong with 400% revenue growth

Qualified finished off our Fiscal Year 2022 on January 31st—it was an incredible year of growth across every facet of our business.

Qualified closes fiscal year strong with 400% revenue growth
Kraig Swensrud
Kraig Swensrud
February 15, 2022
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Qualified finished off our Fiscal Year 2022 just a few days ago— and wow, it was an incredible year of momentum and growth across every facet of our business. There are so many moments to be proud of, but here are a few that stand out: we secured $51M in Series B Funding, launched Qualified X the #1 conversational sales and marketing platform for Salesforce, doubled down on account-based buyer intent with the launch of Qualified Signals, expanded our team by 5X—including key leadership positions, and achieved 400%+ year over year revenue growth and a 150% net revenue retention rate. It’s a year for the books!

Looking back on this past year, we experienced some incredible momentum...

Thank you to our incredible customers

This momentous year would not have been possible without our incredible customers. Thank you. Our team sincerely loves what we do because of the work we do in partnership with you. Together, you helped us make our products even better through feedback, testing, and working together to generate even more pipeline for your businesses. 

Your partnership is what continues to inspire us to do whatever it takes to deliver our best products and services. As a SaaS provider, it’s our job to deliver to you meaningful pipeline and revenue and prove the ROI. In short, it’s our job to earn your business again every single year.  Our unique philosophy has delivered the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry has seen on the Salesforce AppExchange and G2. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and earn your business. As always, we’re standing by and ready to do whatever it takes.

This year we added some incredible customers to the roster, including 8x8, Autodesk, Alation, Aprimo, Braze, Carta, Cobalt, DemandBase, FUJITSU, GE Healthcare, Groove, Harness, Hashi, Hubspot, Japan Aviation Electronics, LaunchDarkly, Matterport, Navex, Oyster, Poly, Recurly, Sendoso, Suse, Transplace, Vistex, VMware, and Zuora. We couldn’t be more excited to head into FY‘23 working with customers old and new.

Thank you to our incredible team

Qualified's Recent FY’23 Company Kickoff

Our A-team keeps getting stronger. This past year, we invested in our business by bringing world-class talent across all levels, which resulted in 5X growth of employees. We secured top talent, including key leadership hires like Salesforce heavy-hitters Dan Darcy, Robert Zimmermann, and Theresa Ludvigson. With the rate of acceleration happening within the business, the demand to expand our global team continues to grow—if you’re interested in joining this rocket ship, we’re hiring!

We should also mention the growth of our Board of Directors. This year, we added two Salesforce leaders, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Sarah Franklin, and Executive Vice President and General Manager of CRM Applications, Bill Patterson, to the Board to strengthen our ties to the Ohana and continue to bring substantial value to Salesforce Sales Cloud customers around the world. 

Thank you to Salesforce & our incredible partners

Qualified is purpose-built for Salesforce, and we couldn’t do what we do without our incredible partner–Salesforce. We kicked off the year with Salesforce Ventures leading our $51M Series B announcement. Shortly thereafter, Salesforce launched AppExchange Chat–powered by Qualified–to help Salesforce partners meet directly with their buyers on the AppExchange, Salesforce’s app marketplace. Within just a few months, over one hundred partners went live with AppExchange Chat and started seeing big pipeline results. Our ties with Salesforce continued to get stronger as we launched the Xforce platform, the foundation that powers Qualified X, added two Salesforce powerhouses to the Board of directors, and were named a Platinum sponsor of Dreamforce. We’re so grateful to be a part of the Ohana!. 

We also thank our partners who make our product the best that it can be through numerous integrations and partnerships. It’s the teams at companies like 6sense, Clearbit, DemandBase, Groove, Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo, Microsoft Teams, Outreach, Pardot, Salesloft, and Slack. that make our product better and help our customers, collectively, generate pipeline more efficiently.

Our mission: Transform how B2B revenue teams generate pipeline

This year we witnessed a notable shift in B2B buying behavior. As the pandemic carried on, humans collectively changed how they consume content and communicate with one another, and that behavior seeped into their business lives.  As a result, today’s B2B buyers are choosing to remain anonymous, watch and read content on-demand, and communicate with businesses in an entirely new way that is messaging and video-first. In parallel, many businesses were still running the old pipeline generation playbooks burdened  with gates and form-fills, and quickly realized that they were not equipped to meet this new breed of buyer and generate pipeline in the modern  world. 

Here at Qualified, we aim to help B2B revenue teams around the world evolve how they meet with buyers and how they generate pipeline. To facilitate this vision, we kicked off the year with the debut of Qualified X, the tenth major release of our conversational sales and marketing product. Qualified X was designed to facilitate real-time conversations with your best buyers, right on your website. Fresh new features were released to make Qualified X even more robust, like  Qualified for Outbound and  Qualified Anywhere, to name a few.

As we continued to innovate on our conversational product, we saw an opportunity to leverage the website as more than just the place to have sales conversations–it’s also the place to uncover the buying intent of your most important accounts. This laid the foundation for our next major product innovation: Qualified Signals, our AI-driven account-based buyer intent product that helps revenue teams focus their prospecting efforts and maximize pipeline. 

Together, this suite of products helps revenue teams grow pipeline by tapping into their greatest sales and marketing asset—their corporate website—to identify their most valuable buyers, uncover signals of buyer intent, and instantly start sales conversations. This is the future of B2B pipeline generation, and we’re so excited to help usher industry leaders into this new era.

Together, we accomplished tremendous things in FY ‘22. Thank you. Cheers to an incredible year and another momentous year ahead 🍾

For a full breakdown of Qualified’s FY ‘22 performance, check out our press release.

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