4 quick Conversational Marketing wins

Here are 4 strategies you can try on your website right now to convert more inbound website traffic. Ready, set, go!

Kimberly Powell
Kimberly Powell
May 1, 2020
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Your website is your business storefront. That’s more meaningful than ever before. As we navigate everything going on right now, B2B companies across the globe are rethinking their strategies and doubling down on digital experiences.

Is your website doing everything possible to engage visitors and capture leads? You want your website to be working as hard as it can–now, more than ever. By improving your website experience, you’ll break through the clutter and land on your feet. 

Conversational Marketing is designed to help you get more out of your inbound website traffic. It gives your sales team a way to engage and convert buyers in real time. There’s a ton of Conversational Marketing strategies you can rollout across your site, but there are a few “quick wins” that will have an immediate business impact. 

Here are 4 Conversational Marketing "quick wins" you can put on your website right now to capture more leads and create more sales opportunities.

Quick Win #1: Engage and capture more leads with the Homepage Tour Guide 

Most website visitors will first land on your homepage. No matter who they are, you have the opportunity to begin a relationship. Using the Homepage Tour Guide, you can engage more visitors, capture more leads, and route more conversations to sales.

The Homepage Tour Guide is a good fit for visitors that do not fall into a specific segment or experience. They might be an unknown visitor, or a visitor whom you have little information about. For these visitors, surface your highest performing offers. Perhaps you'll give visitors the option to Contact Sales, Request a Consultation, Get a Demo, Sign Up for Free, or access your best piece of content. 

Quick Win #2: Fast track qualified visitors to a live conversation with The Ideal Inbound Customer 

Right now, your sales team is hungry to talk to anyone who could represent a real buyer. The Ideal Inbound Customer is all about connecting your Sales Development Reps (SDRs) with your ideal customer, quickly. 

When you’re looking to create new leads, your goal is to generate ones that fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). There’s usually a magic qualification question (or questions) that determines if someone fits your ICP. For example, if you sell into the enterprise, knowing that someone works for a company of over 1,000 employees is the money maker. 

Thanks to data enrichment platforms, you instantly know about your website visitor’s company the moment they land on your site. And if you need to learn more, you can use a chatbot to ask your most important qualification questions.

As soon as you know that a visitor fits your ICP, instantly invite them to a live conversation with your sales team, ensuring that they’ll be taken care of immediately. This leads to instant, high-fidelity sales conversations that are more likely to convert to Stage 1 Sales Opportunities.

Here's how The Ideal Inbound Customer looks in action.

Quick Win #3: Use a Meeting Booker bot to quickly schedule conversations with your sales team

Did you know that once a lead and an SDR make initial contact, it still takes an average of 4.3 days of back-and-forth emails to lock in a meeting? Did you also know that less than 24% of sales emails ever get opened? Bottom line: the age-old process of chasing down leads via email to schedule a meeting is inefficient. 

So why not invite qualified leads to schedule a meeting with your sales team, right from your site? You can use a Meeting Booker bot, which will instantly serve up potential meeting times based on your sales teams’ calendars.

It’s best to use The Meeting Booker when you feel you know enough about the prospect to move them onto the next stage. For example, you might use the Meeting Booker after your chatbot asks them some qualification questions, or if the visitor belongs to one of your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) target accounts. 

Companies like Zero Motorcycles stood up the Meeting Booker on their site and started generating 30% more leads. Nice!

Quick Win #4: Give qualified buyers an opportunity to instantly get in touch with the Form Converter 

If someone is ready to fill out a form on your website, they’re expressing interest in your product or services. But did you know it takes B2B companies an average of 42 hours to respond once a lead has filled out a form? That’s a long time for a prospect to wait.

When someone is filling out a form, use the Form Converter and give them the opportunity to “skip the line” and instantly get in touch. This live chat experience can complement your forms and improve website conversions.

Wrap up

When someone lands on your site, it’s an indication that there’s an interest in what you’re selling. But how can you make sure you’re capturing as much of this audience as possible? Enter Conversational Marketing.

In times of uncertainty, quick wins can go a long way. Conversational Marketing helps you make the most out of your website, providing tools like chatbots, real-time live chat, and meeting bookers to your team. 

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