The Top 20 Live Chat and Chatbot Strategies

You want your website to be a selling machine, so wouldn’t it be great to have conversations with hot prospects when they arrive? Thanks to Conversational Marketing, this is a reality. With live chat and chatbots, you can have real-time conversations with site visitors, which will ultimately grow sales.

Even though many marketers and sales teams are excited about this new frontier, many don’t know where to start. Sure, it’s clear that Conversational Marketing makes an impact, but what strategies are right for your business?

To help answer this question, we’ve compiled our Top 20 Live Chat and Chatbot Strategies to give you inspiration for how you can use Conversational Marketing at your business. This resource shares strategies on how to engage website visitors and increase sales from the world's leading brands.

Each example shows you what live chat and chatbots look like in particular situations. We break it all down, so you can understand both how to build the experience, as well as its business impact. The end goal? To identify which live chat and chatbot strategies will work best for your business. 

For example, if you're doing Account-Based Marketing (ABM), a super impactful strategy is what we like to call "The ABM Red Carpet". This strategy is designed to connect your sales team with your ABM target accounts the moment they arrive on your site. You can see what the ABM Red Carpet looks like in practice:

And get a step-by-step breakdown of how to build the experience:

How to build the ABM red carpet experience

So dive in and get inspired with these Top 20 Live Chat and Chatbot Strategies! Our team is standing by to help answer any questions.

The Top 20 Live Chat and Chatbot Strategies

1. The Open Opportunity Fast Lane

Recognize immediately when a company visits your website that has an open opportunity in Salesforce. Greet them by name and fast track them to the sales rep who's working the deal.
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2. The ABM Red Carpet

When a visitor lands on your site, we'll identify their company immediately and match that against your list of target accounts in Salesforce. We'll alert the account team for immediate action.  
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3. The Existing Customer Upsell

Automatically identify existing customers when they arrive, and connect them to your team to sell additional products and expand your footprint in the account.
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4. The Hot Prospect

Leverage data in your Salesforce and Pardot systems like Score and Grade to automatically qualify an inbound visitor and connect them to your sales team.
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5. The Ideal Inbound Customer

Leverage chatbots to recognize the qualities of your ideal inbound customer (company size, geo, industry, you name it) and then use chatbots to book meetings or route them to your sales team.
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6. The Outbound Email

Your outbound team is sending email sequences in Outreach or SalesLoft. When prospects engage, connect them to your reps to continue the conversation.
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7.  The Pricing Page Expert

Visitors on a pricing page are typically further down the sales funnel, have your pricing experts or SDRs on standby ready to answer questions or proactively start a conversation.
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8. The Form Converter

Get more leads from your website by giving people an alternative to filling out a form. Have a bot collect an email, enrich the profile, and talk to the ones that meet your qualification criteria.
➡️Learn More.

9. The Post-Form Converter

Some visitors will elect to fill out key forms on your site, but don't let the best ones leave! Cherry pick the high quality form completes and have a rep proactively engage in a conversation.
➡️Learn More.

10. The Paid Traffic Converter

You're advertising to your target customer on platforms like Google Adwords and LinkedIn. When someone engages with an ad campaign, fast track them to sales.
➡️Learn More.

11. The Competitive Advantage

Buyers will find you from google & other product comparison sites. When they arrive and ask you why you're different, have your reps and bots be ready with the best talking points.
➡️Learn More.

12. The Product Specialist

Let's face it, buyers will have product questions. When they're on your site trying to understand the features and functions, give the qualified buyers an open door to your team.
➡️Learn More.

13. The Meeting Booker

Instantly recognize your target accounts, target industries, target buyers the moment they arrive and give them instant access to book meetings and schedule time with you.
➡️Learn More.

14. The Target Industry

Qualified will immediately tell you the industry of the company that has just arrived on your site. Use this insight to focus on your ideal customer and deliver a unique experience.
➡️Learn More.

15. The Conversation Starter

You can't have a conversation if you can't get a visitor to engage. Start with a probing question that hints at the pain your buyer has and that you uniquely solve.
➡️Learn More.

16. The Homepage Tour Guide

Provide new, unknown visitors with this experience to guide them in the right direction, learn more about them, and maximize your chances of conversion.
➡️Learn More.

17.  The Smart Button

Buttons shouldn't just lead to static forms. Give qualified website visitors the option to click on a button and join a live sales conversation or engage with a bot.
➡️Learn More.

18. The Content Lead Magnet

Use your best content piece, like a blog post or guide, to engage unknown website visitors. Quickly grab the email address, helping you capture more leads.
➡️Learn More.

19. The Event Concierge

Planning an event and driving registration is hard. Leverage live chat with visitors to your event pages to answer key questions and remove barriers to registration and attendance.
➡️Learn More.

20. The Grow Your Subscriber List

Every blog and email newsletter is designed to maximize reach. Offer your blog subscribers the ability to sign up for "more great content like this" and grow your subscriber base.
➡️Learn More.

Wrap up

Conversational Marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to sales and marketing teams today. For prospects and customers alike, chat is instant, easy to use, and doesn’t require a lot of effort. Live chat allows you to connect with VIPs in real time, while chatbots can help you start natural conversations, filter hot prospects, and capture leads.

Live chat and chatbots are powerful, but only if you've configured the right strategies for your particular business. After all, every company is unique. By looking at these 20 examples of live chat and chatbots in action, you’ll see some creative ways you can make Conversational Marketing work for you.

Posted on
February 25, 2020
Joe Casson

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